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Plasterers Northampton

Northampton Plastering and Rendering Services

Northampton Plastering Pros are a professional plastering service offering high-quality finishes at competitive prices. Our plasterers have years of experience and are qualified to handle all types of jobs, from small patches to complete kitchen refurbishments.

We provide a full range of plastering services and have the experience to handle your project from start to finish. From large-scale projects to minor home repairs, our team will get the job done right for you.

Finding a qualified plasterer in Northampton can make the difference between an average job and a great result. Whether you need to repair plasterwork or replace it, we have the expertise to handle your project from start to finish.

Our customer’s satisfaction comes first and proud of our friendly and professional services. We offer a no-obligation free quote service, so please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01604 279070, who will be more than happy to help you.

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Our Services

Northampton Plastering Pros are full comprehensive plasterers in Northampton and Northamptonshire areas. Most of our work would be classed as general plastering, but we also offer specialist plastering services for heritage properties and listed buildings. Once our work is complete, all homeowners and painters and decorators always have a smooth surface to use.

We use traditional lime plastering techniques that not only offer an exceptionally long-lasting finish but also provide durability against fire and moisture damage. We offer a full range of local plastering services, including skimming, wall boarding, drylining, wet lining, external rendering, ceiling coving, artex removal and damp work. Our team of highly skilled and experienced plasterers pride ourselves on attention to detail. Working quickly, and efficiently with high standards of customer support.

Plastering Services

Residential Plasterer Services

Northampton Plastering Pros provide a range of modern and traditional plastering services in the Northampton.

Renovation or remodeling, new build or conversion, our skilled tradesmen can turn any project into a masterpiece.

Every plasterer in our team have years of experience in the plastering trade and are qualified to work on all sorts of surfaces – including brickwork, block-work, rendered walls and concrete slabs. The plasterer may make it look simple, but to achieve the beautiful and smooth finish that our clients expect requires a lot of skill.

We understand the need for plastering that looks great, is economical and is long-lasting.

Skimming Services Northampton

Skimming or skim plastering is a plastering technique applied to an existing wall to produce a smooth, uniform quality finish. Unlike rendering, or plasterer’s putty skim-coating does not create decorative patterns on the surfaces.

Skimming plaster may be applied either as a dry powder mixed with water and then spread onto building surfaces using trowels or sprayed from a specially adapted spray gun equipped with vacuum nozzles called atomisers.

It is also used over large areas, including roofs and floors, where it acts as a waterproof layer between the surface below such as concrete slabs – working like roofing felt but with much better anti-fungal properties than asphalt products, especially when used to protect the ferrous metal from rust.

Rendering Services Northampton

Rendering is a specialised plastering service which we offer to our customers. Exterior rendering is the process of applying a waterproof material on an exterior wall, usually for decoration or protection purposes.

It creates a protective barrier between the external environment and your property. This render will make a more attractive and quality appearance while protecting against things like frost damage and dampness from seeping through walls.

Homeowners who wish to protect their house investments by applying a protective layer of render. When a property is rendered, the walls are covered in a thick layer of lime plaster.

Depending on the type of work needed, our plasterers will either skim coat or re-rendering the property with a new render to give it that fresh look again. One of the benefits of re-rendering is that it will help protect the walls from the elements.

Dry Lining Services Northampton

We are a dry lining specialist company that can handle all your needs from installation of new gypsum board, repairing old walls or putting up acoustic panels.

Whether you need help with commercial or residential projects we have an expert team of specialists who will get things done right for you on time and within budget.

Ceiling Works Northampton

Ceilings with a perfectly smooth finish is a homeowners dream. Cracks can appear over time or just from the wear and tear of everyday life. Our team has extensive experience in all types of ceiling repair, acoustic panels or textured ceilings.

We also have the skills and expertise to handle more complex plastering projects such as ceilings with cornice. Our team of experts can strip down old layers of paint or wallpaper from your home walls, using traditional tools and methods to restore them to their original glory.

They would then use a mix and cut-back along edges for an authentic look perfect for older homes where you want something that blends effortlessly into the surroundings while still looking fresh.

Plasterers Northampton

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If you are searching for outstanding results, then you’ve come to the right place. We take pride in our work and ensure that we are dependable, punctual, efficient when it comes to your home or commercial property.

Repairs and new installations on both modern and period properties are all carried out to the highest standard.

We have a team of experienced plasterers and skilled craftsmen who work collaboratively to offer you the best possible service no matter what size or type of job that is needed doing.

If you decide to contact us through phone, email or enquiry form, you will receive a friendly and informative response from a member of our team who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Aspects of Plastering

Plastering is an extremely  important part of any construction project. In many cases, plastering is the final step in completing a room or house that has endured hours of building work and other renovations.

Northampton Plastering Pros provides an excellent service for customers who are looking to refurbish their homes with new plastered walls as well as those people who need assistance repairing damaged areas. It is also one of the most difficult DIY tasks for homeowners, so it is a wise investment.

If you try your own plastering and make a mistake , you’ll have to redo the entire wall which would be costly and time -consuming and could potentially ruin your entire project.  Good plastering work is  a skill that needs to be learned and practiced, but the basics can easily be taught.

Plasterers Northampton

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating walls with a smooth finish can be a time-consuming and expensive process. It requires a lot of labour and materials. There are a lot of steps involved with plastering that extend the time necessary to complete the job. Plaster is mixed in batches and poured onto sheets or panels called laths, then left to dry for up to twenty-four hours. The more coats applied, the smoother finish you will get – which increases your bill as well! Suppose there’s an issue like water damage at any point during the process. In that case, it’ll have to be skimmed over by applying another layer first before plastering will continue again, taking even longer than usual.

The type of material also plays into how much you pay for plasterer services: hardier natural products like cement render cost less than wetter synthetic materials like fibreglass, but both can still be equally difficult.

Plastering looks easy, but it’s a skill that takes time to learn. You can either get a plasterboard and roughcast kit, which you’ll need lots of time and patience with; alternatively, buy pre-mixed powdered plasters like lime putty – but note that these are much more expensive than ready mixed ones from your local builders’ merchants. Preparation is essential for DIY success: make sure you have enough space and a flat surface to work on, then cover it with newspaper or polythene sheeting. If you’re not so confident in your skills, we recommend hiring professional plasterers.

Plastering is a skilled trade, so it takes years of training and apprenticeship before someone is qualified. You can train at a local college and get your certificate as an apprentice. It can take around four years of training. It also requires you to be in good physical shape as plastering is a physically demanding job.

Plasterers charge  anywhere from £70 to £160 per day.

Fees may be higher if a plasterer needs to travel long distances to get to the job site or will need to spend more time on site for any reason, such as removing and reinstalling carpeting that was not removed before plastering walls. 

The fee can increase for extra work such as taping and filling large cracks in the plaster, or if there is a lot of other preparation required before plasterers can start working on the site.

If you are  looking to skim a wall yourself, then there are some things you should consider. You will need: plastering trowel, slater’s putty or mortar mix, tape measure and scraper (if the ceiling is not insulated). If you want a professional finish on your walls, it would be best to hire a plasterer.

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